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Bike Safety

We usually have a Bike Safety Rodeo at school but due to Covid we were unable to have our rodeos the past 2 years in school. We hope to post some safety related items to throughout the rest of the summer on our Facebook page, whatever is posted on our Facebook page will be posted here as well. Be sure to follow, like, share and tag people you know with kids. We hope to keep this page up to date with links to the current rules as well as other great resources related to bike safety.  Below are some videos about Bike Handling Skills, Bike Helmets, Traffic Skills, and the video we show the kids in school.  They love it and even the teachers get a chuckle out of it.  Below is a list of links to cycling resources and rules on the Ontario Ministry of Transportation website.


Bike Safety Online Resources

a.      Bicycle Safety
Ontario's Cycling Strategy
Cycling Skills
d.      Young Cyclist’s Guide



Bike Handling Skills 101

Bike Helmets 101

Bike Traffic Skills 101